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Upcoming programs – during COVID-19

Cram 4 Exam Dates:

Fri 5th March 2021 – Sat 6th March 2021
Preparing for FASEA exam sitting 25 Mar – 30 March 2021

Fri 30th April 2021 – Sat 1st May 2021
Preparing for FASEA exam sitting 20 May – 25 May 2021

Time:  9.30am – 1.00pm
Sessions: Each program included 2 consecutive half day sessions
Special Price:  $695 + gst with promo code
Promo Coupon Code:  C4E
RRP:  $895 + gst
CPD:  Up to 10.25 FASEA CPD hours available for the program

Due to the COVID-19 situation, Cram 4 Exam will not run face-to-face workshops. 

Cram 4 Exam is a practical and intensive FASEA exam preparation program delivered by industry experts, Bronny Speed and Joel Ronchi (from myIntegrity in practice) to provide advisers with the best possible chance of passing the exam.

Having successfully passed the exam herself, Bronny is well-placed to guide advisers through the exam preparation process. The program is jam-packed, designed to save time and reduce angst! 

Our help is more important than ever, as all advisers must pass the FASEA exam prior to 1st January 2022.

Course inclusions:

  • Consolidated e-workbook of required areas of study
  • Targeted short form ‘Learning Guides’
  • 2 virtual ½ day masterclass webinars including recordings
  • Copy of slides + chat questions off-line
  • Individually marked real life practice exam
  • Up to 10.25 FASEA CPD hours

BONUS follow up group Q&A webinar for those who enrol under C4E coupon code (or other applicable coupon code).

This session has proven to be a popular part of the program. Topics covered can include:

  • Key concepts ‘likely’ to be examined
  • Varying methodologies to actually ‘do’ the exam
  • Reminders on ‘how to’ answer various questions
  • Suggestions to gain ‘easy marks’ quickly
  • Time management skills

Designed for advisers who are time poor and want guidance on key issues, are  really anxious about passing, want efficiencies in covering FASEA’s reading material, will be more motivated if they make a time commitment to do the study and will gain confidence from group learning.
Special $200 discount using coupon code: C4E
Normal Price: $895 + GST
Special price for C4E: $695 + GST ($200 discount)

Note: For ease of administration during COVID-19 period, Cram 4 Exam registrations will link through to myIntegrity in practice portal

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We look forward to returning to our standard face-to-face program post COVID-19…

Fast track your FASEA exam preparation with our quality 3 step program

Much more than a training day…

The Cram 4 Exam team understands that the business livelihoods and future career prospects of many advisers depend on passing the FASEA exam. We also know that at the same time, advisers are overwhelmed by FASEA’s reading list, don’t know where to start and want to minimise the hours spent on preparation and thus the cost to their business, work and personal time. Consequently, in establishing the Cram 4 Exam program, we have taken the approach that this is not simply a training day.

The program is delivered by some of the best in the industry – practitioners and academics – each with expertise and many years’ experience and who, together, cover all of FASEA’s exam curriculum and 33 learning outcomes and will guide participants through the reading material in a concise way.

Why choose Cram 4 Exam for your FASEA exam preparation?

  • Be guided through the material you need to know, refresh ‘old’ exam techniques and go through a series of practice exam questions
  • Targeted, informative and efficient preparation and learning
  • Pick the brains of experienced industry specialists to answer all your questions
  • Plug your knowledge gaps
  • Leave feeling confident and well-equipped to tackle the task ahead
  • Up to 9 FASEA CPD hours (FPA accredited)

With you every step of the way with Q&A before the exam sitting

Cram 4 Exam provides a further opportunity for advisers to interact with and have their questions answered by our experts after the workshop and before the FASEA exam. This is designed to provide our attendees with additional comfort that they are not ‘on their own’ after completing the workshop and reduce anxiety prior to the sitting the FASEA exam.

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