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This ASIC Financial Adviser (formerly FASEA) exam preparation webinar series has been designed for the industry (including accountants, financial adviser and stockbrokers) focused on areas in the course material not used on a daily basis. Held over a 5 succinct sessions to extend the structured study period. The webinar series is prepared and delivered by industry expert Bronny Speed after much demand from the industry. Webinar recordings available to assist with your revision.

This program is jam-packed, designed to save time and reduce angst!

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Course Dates


Preparing for ASIC Financial Adviser exam sitting #18: 28 July – 1 Aug 2022

Intro webinar:  Friday 24 June 4.30pm – 5pm EST optional (Recording available)

Session 1: Monday 27 June 4.30pm – 6pm EST 
Session 2: Tuesday 5 July 4.30pm – 6pm EST 
Session 3: Tuesday 12 July 4.30pm – 6pm EST 
Followup Q&A webinar: Tuesday 19 July 4.30pm – 5.30pm EST

Enrolments open


Preparing for ASIC Financial Adviser exam sitting #19: 3 Nov 2022 (Proctor only)

Intro webinar:  date tbc 4.30pm – 5pm EST (tbc)

Session 1: date tbc 4.30pm – 6pm EST (tbc)
Session 2: date tbc 4.30pm – 6pm EST (tbc)
Session 3: date tbc 4.30pm – 6pm EST (tbc)
Followup Q&A webinar: date tbc 4.30pm – 5.30pm EST (tbc)