What do FASEA’s proposed education reforms really mean

for accountants who provide financial advice?




AccountantsIQ explains….


Consider the diagram below which examines the situation of a Chartered Accountant who provides financial advice:

Above the dotted line:

  • A ‘related’ degree is one from an Australian institution with a major or specialisation in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Tax, Law or Financial Planning.
  • Clarification from FASEA is required to understand whether those with an overseas degree plus post graduate studies or an ‘unrelated’ degree plus post graduate studies would be considered as holding a ‘related’ degree.

Below the dotted line:

  • Under FASEA’s current proposal, an accountant who holds a ‘related’ degree without ‘related’ post graduate studies, will be required to complete 3 university level subjects (approx. 120 hours each) in the areas of The Corporations Act, FASEA’s Code of Ethics and Behavioural Finance.
  • Under FASEA’s current proposal, an accountant who holds a ‘related’ degree with ‘related’ post graduate studies, will be required to complete 1 university level subject (approx. 120 hours), being FASEA’s Code of Ethics.
  • Clarification of recognition for CA, CPA, SSA or CFP programs as ‘related’ post graduate qualifications is being sought.
  • To date, there is no recognition for ongoing experience with recorded CPD to meet ASIC and professional member association requirements.
  • There is also no recognition for adherence to CA/CPA Code of Ethics (or other professional Codes of Ethics such as Tax Practitioners Board, FPA or SMSF Association).

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