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FASEA plans need not change in light of extensions

SMS Magazine | 18 September 2019

Advisers cautioned against relying too heavily on the extension to FASEA deadlines

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Enrolments open for FASEA exam preparation program

SMS Magazine | 4 September 2019

Cram 4 Exam has opened enrolments for its first Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) exam preparation program due to commence in October.

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Regulatory & compliance

Accounting bodies seek new financial advice model

SMS Magazine | 2 October 2019

Accountants will be asked for input on the shape of a new financial advice model aimed at reducing their regulatory burdens and the costs to consumers.

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Let us give 'incidental advice', say accountants

Money Management | 25 July 2019

Accountants who give “incidental advice” should not have to be licensed, according to major accounting industry body, Chartered Accountants ANZ…

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CA ANZ slams ASIC's industry funding model

Accountants Daily | 2 May 2019
A combination of escalating costs of ASIC’s industry funding model and new education standards will force accountants to pass on costs or leave the financial advice space, argues CA ANZ…

Notifying ASIC of AFCA membership: Deadline 30 November 2018

AFCA is open for business – licensees need to act by 30 November or late fees will apply
AccountantsIQ | 19th November 2018

If your firm has an AFS Licence it must do two things…


Limited licensees urged to register

Accountants with a limited licence need to be on the financial adviser register by 31 December 2018
SMS Magazine | 27th November 2018

The impending Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) deadline has caused confusion among accountants with a limited licence, mainly that they will need to be on the adviser register.

ASIC releases new guidance and information sheets to help limited AFSL holders and representatives understand their key obligations

ASIC |  22 November 2017

Tailored specifically for limited AFSL holders and their representatives, the information draws on the most relevant information from existing ASIC guidance. It explains who is a limited AFS licensee and a representative of a limited AFS licensee, conduct and disclosure obligations and what limited AFS licensees need to do on an ongoing basis…

ASIC Industry Funding: Bronny Speed speaks to Professional Planner

Professional Planner  | 1 July 2019

Bronny Speed, in her capacity as Financial Advice Leader at CA ANZ has spoken to about our continued efforts to have ASIC to understand that advisers who have limited licenses often only have a small portion of their business related to licensing activities…

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CA ANZ comments on ASIC Cost Recovery Implementation 2018-2019

Chartered Accountants ANZ | 26 April 2019
Through our work at Chartered Accountants ANZ, AccountantsIQ recently had the opportunity to provide comments to ASIC on its industry funding model for 2018-2019 – specifically, the impact on financial advisers and limited licensees.

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Those in advice not registered with ASIC by 31st December 2018 - Look out!

Are you on the FAR? Are those who want to provide advice next year on the FAR
AccountantsIQ | 29th November 2018

  1. If not, and studies have been done – get on it.
  2. If not and studies haven’t been done – get them to do it quickly and then get on it.

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ASIC updates licensing guidance for tax & BAS agents

AccountantsIQ | 7 May 2018

ASIC has updated its guidance for accountants providing SMSF services to cover the licensing exemption for tax and BAS agents…

Industry Funding Update: ASIC publishes indicative levies

AccountantsIQ | March 28th, 2018

ASIC has today published its estimates of what regulated entities will pay under the industry funding scheme.

Data breach notification scheme - are you prepared?

AccountantsIQ | 5th March 2018

On 22nd February 2018, an amendment to the Privacy Act known as the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill came into effect. Failure to comply with the amendment can result in significant fines…

AccountantsIQ's Guide to ASIC Industry Funding

New ASIC Industry Funding Levy – do you need to take action? | 22nd August 2018

ASIC has sent letters to every regulated company’s office address with  instructions to complete their business activity metrics through the new online regulatory portal by September 27th, 2018. In our new guide we outline what you need to do and provide useful resources to help…

Webinar replay: The diabolical SMSF advice changes post 31 December

FASEA and SMSFs – What the incoming standards mean for SMSF advisers and what you need to do NOW

Grant Abbott of I Love SMSF and SMSF Training Group and Bronny Speed of Accountants IQ and Financial Advice Leader for Chartered Accountants ANZ discuss the impact of the new FASEA standards including:

  • How to get on the FAR by 31 December 2018
  • New FASEA mentoring standards
  • New FASEA CPD regime

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ATO extends major SMSF deadline

SMSF Adviser | 19 January 2018

The tax office has now locked in an extended due date for lodgement of 2016-17 SMSF annual returns…


Cram 4 Exam: FASEA exam preparation courses

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Accountants to be recognised by FASEA

IFA  | 19 July 2019

FASEA has announced that the accounting qualifications will partially recognised as prior learning after lobbying from the accounting bodies…

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Video: The FASEA exam - want to pass?

In this 6 minute video, hear from industry experts Bronny Speed and Grant Abbott on how they will help you pass the FASEA exam…

You must have a FASEA CPD Policy by 31 March - Do you have one?

Are your CPD policy & adviser CPD plans in place?
AccountantsIQ | 15 March 2019

If you do not have a CPD policy published on your website and CPD plans in place by 31 March, you will be in breach of FASEA’s requirements. Get in touch if you need some help.

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Approved courses named by FASEA; CA ANZ takes next step in recognition lobby

CA ANZ working on reducing FASEA’s study requirements for CA members who provide licensed advice
Accountants Daily | 31st December 2018

The federal government’s standards authority for the incoming education changes has named some courses that will be considered approved, and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand is working on slashing the further study needed for CA members under the new education requirements.

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FASEA: Comparing apples with apples?

Not all advisers have the same ‘qualifications’ so why make accountants study for study’s sake?
AccountantsIQ | 2nd November 2018

Chartered Accountants (CAs) and Certified Practising Accountants (CPAs) have already met most of the elements of FASEA’s proposed reforms so why make them complete further study?

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AccountantsIQ's submission to FASEA

AccountantsIQ | 29th June 2018

AccountantsIQ advocated on behalf of licensed accountants and made a range of recommendations to FASEA on its proposed education pathways…

AccountantsIQ weighs in on FASEA proposed education guidelines

Acuity Magazine | 23rd April 2018

Chartered Accountants are concerned that the proposed education standards will not give appropriate recognition to their qualifications, experience, and ethical standards. In this article, AccountantsIQ’s Bronny Speed weighs in on the issue…

Industry veterans unite for FASEA exam prep program

Money Management | 8 July 2019

A group of financial advice industry experts have teamed up to create Cram 4 Exam – an intensive Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) exam preparation program.

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CA ANZ backs latest round of education changes

CA ANZ backs latest round of education changes
Accountants Daily | 26th November 2018

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand have welcomed the legislative guidance put forward by the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority, citing a similar assessment to its CA Program.

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CA ANZ urges rethink on FASEA’s ‘study for study’s sake’

Not all advisers have the same ‘qualifications’ so why make accountants study for study’s sake? CA ANZ urges rethink on ‘study for study’s sake
Accountants Daily | 6th November 2018

Chartered Accountants (CAs) and Certified Practising Accountants (CPAs) have already met most of the elements of FASEA’s proposed With accountants already meeting the requirements of the proposed FASEA standards with the exception of the exam, one of the major accounting bodies has urged FASEA against enforcing further study on accountants.

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Hey FASEA! How about considering this?!!!

AccountantsIQ | 20th April 2018

What do you think about FASEA's proposed education guidelines? Have your say!

Did you vote in AccountantsIQ's poll on FASEA?

AccountantsIQ | 29th June 2018

The results are in and they were overwhelming!

FASEA on the right track..... with a few steps yet to go!

AccountantsIQ | 20th March 2018

AccountantsIQ welcomes today’s news from FASEA that a ‘related degree’ now includes accounting…

FASEA is now the law - do you know what this means for you?

FASEA is now the law – do you know what this means for you?
Chartered Accountants ANZ  | 15 March 2019

What CA’s need to know about FASEA…

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CA ANZ pleased with FASEA requirements

CA ANZ pleased with FASEA requirements
SMS Magazine | 26th November 2018

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) today welcomed the release of the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority’s (FASEA) draft legislation for five out of the seven standards.

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Accountants continue battle for advice space

ifa | 24th September 2018

An accounting body has urged the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority to recognise its qualifications in a push for its territory in financial advice. Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) said FASEA’s reforms are in line with the current professional standards that its members already meet.


What do FASEA’s proposed education reforms really mean for accountants who provide financial advice?

AccountantsIQ | 6th June 2018

What do the proposed reforms mean for accountants? AccountantsIQ explains…

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Financial advice standards: the next hurdle

Acuity Magazine | 7th June 2018

Proposed new educational standards for financial advisers risk forcing some older advisers out of the industry. This article provides insight into the issue from Chartered Accountants ANZ, educators and CAs including AccountantsIQ’s Bronny Speed…

Industry news & analysis

One on one with... Bronny Speed

SMS Magazine | June 2019

Bronny Speed was profiled recently by SMS Magazine. In the article, she discusses her work with advisers, the limited licensing regime and the impact of FASEA on the industry…

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FASEA must expand ‘limited’ course list: AccountantsIQ

IFA | 4th July 2018

SMSF support services firm AccountantsIQ has urged FASEA to expand the scope of providers and courses included in its approved education pathways list.

How the Banking Royal Commission affects CAs

CA ANZ analyses how the recommendations will affect accountants 
CA ANZ | 6th February 2019

A detailed summary on the ramifications for CAs across a range of specialisations and clients PLUS hear firsthand from CA ANZ’s Tax, Superannuation and Financial Planning Leaders (including AccountantsIQ’s Bronny Speed) on how to navigate the post Royal Commission landscape.

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FASEA under fire for not providing course notes

SMS Magazine | 18th July 2018

AccountantsIQ has admonished the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) over its intention not to provide preparation materials for the financial adviser examination, arguing this defies the purpose of the exam.

FASEA bridging course should be practical

SMS Magazine | 3rd July 2018

AccountantsIQ has called on the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) to make its one-unit bridging course for accountants relevant and practical if it does not exempt accountants from further study to meet new education and professional standards.

Technology is boosting financial literacy

Australian Financial Review  | 27 June 2019

Technology will need to play a bigger role in boosting the financial literacy of Australians as a large number of financial planners leave the profession, says Bronny Speed, Financial Advice Leader at CA ANZ…

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Industry Veterans offer exam, PY mentoring

New program to help licensees, new entrants & existing advisers meet FASEA’s requirements
SMS Magazine | 15th February 2019

Bronny Speed of AccountantsIQ and Grant Abbott of I Love SMSF have teamed up to create an education program to help new financial advice entrants through their professional year, as well as assisting existing advisers and accountants meet the recently introduced education and professional standards.

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SMSF advisers, accountants up for thousands with new rules

SMSF Adviser Magazine | 14th June 2018

Accountants and advisers are unlikely to escape paying thousands to comply with incoming mandatory education requirements even if they are only providing limited SMSF services, prompting serious concerns the current guidance is not fit for purpose.

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'A slap in the face': Big backlash to more mandatory training continues

SMSF Adviser Magazine | 15th June 2018

Consultants to accountants and advisers are finding their clients are increasingly considering exiting SMSF advice, on the basis they will have to spend thousands to complete training they’ve already done…

CA ANZ optimistic after latest round of FASEA guidance

CA ANZ optimistic after latest round of FASEA guidance
SMSF Adviser | 26th November 2018

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand is confident that at the subject level, its program will be sufficient in satisfying the relevant degree category in the guidance published by FASEA.

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Stop, collaborate and listen: CA ANZ calls for FASEA to recognise CA qualifications to retain accountants in the financial advice industry

CA ANZ National SMSF Conference – Media Release | 19th September 2018

At its national SMSF conference, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) urged the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) to recognise the hard-earned qualifications of Chartered Accountants to retain them in the financial advice industry.

Professional advisers meet most FASEA elements

Professional advisers meet most FASEA elements.
SMS Magazine | 5th November 2018

Chartered accountants (CA) and certified practising accountants (CPA) have already met most of the elements of the proposed education reforms and therefore should not be compelled to study further, AccountantsIQ has argued.

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Events & training

FASEA: Fast & factual – Kickstarting SMSF Strategy, Systems & Bloodline Planning Roadshow 2019

SMSF Strategy, Systems & Bloodline Planning Roadshow 2019
AccountantsIQ | 4 February 2018

Join us for this half day intensive learning event and hear from Bronny Speed on how you and your business will be impacted by the new FASEA standards. Grant Abbott, CEO & Founder of I Love SMSF and LightYear Docs, will also share his top five SMSF strategies for 2019 and predictions on where the SMSF advice industry is going. This is your chance to be in the know!

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AccountantsIQ Training Days 2018

The financial advice furnace – don’t get burnt!
Sydney – 17 October 2018 | Adelaide – 24 October 2018

These training days are a must for accountants who hold or operate under an AFSL. Join us as we dive into the flaming furnace that is financial advice and show you how you can avoid getting burnt and prosper in these challenging times…


Need training to get authorised and onto the FAR?

Everything you need to know
AccountantsIQ | 29th November 2018

Details of RG 146 training and what you need to do…