Why partner with AccountantsIQ?



1. Your brand is at the forefront

  • the AccountantsIQ service is a ‘white label’ solution which enables you to remove our logo and add your own branding to our pre-written template documents
  • simply download the documents from our website and save locally in your systems
  • it is then easy to tailor the documents to suit your practice
  • you will receive business integration support and guidance regarding systems and office procedures to maximise your new SMSF solution
  • we are a resource for you and your practice


2. Client data and privacy of information is protected

  • AccountantsIQ will not have access to your client data at any time
  • we will maintain up to date master templates from which your version would be prepared and stored locally by you


3. Templates – no need to start from scratch

  • eliminate the need for internal preparation of advice documents, templates and registers
  • easily rebrand our pre-written templates and registers with your logo, and tailor them to suit your practice
  • hands-on assistance to review your tailored documents to ensure they are compliant


4. Web-based solution

  • secure web access to a dedicated Adviser Area within the AccountantsIQ website
  • easily downloadable templates
  • technically competent strategy text to cover a wide range of SMSF scenarios
  • newly legislated super reforms covered in detail


5. Ongoing support

  • hands-on assistance is provided with your implementation
  • we will provide training assistance to satify RG146 requirements
  • personalised guidance is provided throughout the process
  • your tailored templates are reviewed where necessary and until you feel comfortable using them


6. Client marketing opportunities

  • our solution can be used for business development opportunities as you bring clients into the new licensing regime
  • it may be timely to also review health, insurance, cashflow and estate planning issues