Engaging Professionals

Preparation is key, including when you are Engaging Professionals


From time to time it can be beneficial to seek guidance from professionals, as they can provide personal advice on areas you or your loved one may not have otherwise considered.  Taking advice from a multi-disciplined team of professionals can help you to make better decisions for your loved ones.  Getting advice from a good doctor, such as a GP and a geriatrician can improve quality of life for loved ones immeasurably, and can help manage expectations of what may lie ahead.

Start to get these matters into place now, as the luxury of time may not be with you if there’s a sudden accident or mental capacity declines quickly.

Multi-disciplinary approach 

Many will have an accountant and/or financial adviser and some many have seen a solicitor years ago to prepare Wills. Seeking the services of suitably qualified professionals in the early stages of aged care planning will ensure documents are updated or prepared accordingly to reflect current wishes and current financial position. Financial matters are taken into account with full knowledge of options available the most appropriate  way to fund aged care for your specific services. 

Purchase the Information and Checklist packages relating to your circumstances 

AgedCareIQ has done much of the preparation work for you – with 5 separate Information and Checklist Packages for you to read and work through prior to Engaging Professionals such as accountants, financial advisers, doctors, allied health practitioners and placement consultants for aged care matters. These are downloadable so you can complete the editable checklists at your convenience and take the document to the Professional for discussion.

Choose the specific issue/s needed right now to purchase, or by all 5 packages within Engaging Professionals to prepare yourself for the main professionals you may need to engage


How we help...

The AgedCareIQ Information and Checklist Packages provide succinct, easy to understand information and user friendly checklists, set out in a logical format which will save you time, money, stress and heartache.

Each package provides:

Choose the issues you need to know about then purchase the Packages...

Working with accountants

For detailed information to help you prepare and efficiently:
  • Work with accountants
  • And more...
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Working with financial advisers

For detailed information to help you to prepare and efficiently:
  • Work with financial advisers
  • And more...
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Working with doctors – GPs and specialists

For detailed information to help you to prepare and efficiently work with doctors, including:
  • General Practitioners (GPs)
  • Specialists
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Working with allied health professionals

For detailed information to help you prepare and efficiently work with allied health professionals, including:
  • Occupational therapist
  • Optician
  • And more...
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Working with aged care placement consultants

For detailed information to help you prepare and efficiently:
  • Work with placement consultants
  • And more...
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AgedCareIQ Service Offerings

We provide Self Service or Silver Service offerings to meet time and budget requirements.

 Self Service offering allows you or your loved one to work through the maze complexities in your own time and at your own pace.

Our Silver Service Offering works on a one-on-one basis with an outsourced professional and results in a detailed document for direction and implementation.  

Self Service Offering

Silver Service Offering

Frequently Asked Questions

AgedCareIQ is part of AccountantsIQ Pty. AgedCareIQ was established for busy people who require aged care information and support. With practical information in one location in easy to understand language. 

A great resource for accountants, professionals and the general public with self service and silver service concierge services available, providing a solution for different budget and time constraints.

The cost of AgedCareIQ products vary, depending on which option you take up.

Self Service Information + Checklist packages start from as little as $125 each. 
Silver Service concierge service starts from $5,000.

Yes. Each of our Self Service packages are separate products including Information and accompanying dynamic Checklist for you to complete.

AgedCareIQ bundles are a popular single product available for purchase with multiple Information + Checklist packages most people require at different aged care stages. Conveniently curated to provide a convenient starting point, saving you the time and hassle of having to decide which products you’d need to start with.

AccountantsIQ has a range of CPD courses ranging from the Cram4Exam ASIC Financial Adviser Exam preparation courses, to Tax Training and Aged Care training for accountants and other professionals. Bespoke courses also provided on request.


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