Loss of a Loved One

Sad times ahead - AgedCareIQ can help

The loss of a loved one is a sad time, whether sudden or a ‘blessing’ and triggers a range of emotions for all left behind, particularly if there’s a surviving spouse. They may become a grief-stricken wreck unable to cope with day-to-day life, particularly in areas they’ve never had to know about, let alone manage. Whether you have lost a loved one with or without a surviving spouse, matters need to be tended to and AgedCareIQ can help by providing succinct information and checklists to help you do so in an informed and structured manner.  

Decline in the surviving spouse

Memory loss can worsen exponentially, the will to live can diminish and a loss of hunger, neglect of personal hygiene and forgetfulness to take medication as and when required are all common occurrences.

Purchase the Information and Checklist packages relating to your circumstances

Choose the relevant Loss of a Loved One Information and Checklist package for your circumstances to purchase. The structured format will save you hours of time and stress and they are downloadable for you to work through at your convenience.

Many issues to address on death are immediate while other administrative, financial, social and medical needs can be undertaken when time permits and and headspace is clearer.


How we help...

The AgedCareIQ Information and Checklist Packages provide succinct, easy to understand information and user friendly checklists, set out in a logical format which will save you time, money, stress and heartache.

Each package provides:

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With surviving spouse

For detailed information for a surviving spouse to consider when their spouse has passed away
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Without surviving spouse

Important information to consider when a loved one passes away and there is no surviving spouse
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AgedCareIQ Service Offerings

We provide Self Service or Silver Service offerings to meet time and budget requirements.

 Self Service offering allows you or your loved one to work through the maze complexities in your own time and at your own pace.

Our Silver Service Offering works on a one-on-one basis with an outsourced professional and results in a detailed document for direction and implementation.  

Self Service Offering

Silver Service Offering

Frequently Asked Questions

AgedCareIQ is part of AccountantsIQ Pty. AgedCareIQ was established for busy people who require aged care information and support. With practical information in one location in easy to understand language. 

A great resource for accountants, financial professionals and the general public with self service and silver service concierge services available, providing a solution for different budget and time constraints.

The cost of AgedCareIQ products vary, depending on which option you take up.

Self Service Information + Checklist packages start from as little as $125 each. 
Silver Service concierge service starts from $5,000.

Yes. Each of our Self Service packages are separate products including Information and accompanying dynamic Checklist for you to complete.

AgedCareIQ bundles are a popular single product available for purchase with multiple Information + Checklist packages most people require at different aged care stages. Conveniently curated to provide a simple starting point, saving you the time and hassle of having to decide which products you need to start with.

AccountantsIQ has a range of CPD courses ranging from the Cram4Exam ASIC Financial Adviser Exam preparation courses, to Tax Training and Aged Care training for accountants and other financial professionals. Bespoke courses also provided on request.


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